April 16 - April 18, 2012 | Washington, DC

The Global Philanthropy Forum Conference is intended for individuals who have made a significant commitment to philanthropy, and executives from private, public, and corporate foundations. Participation in the conference is by invitation only, and invitations are not transferable. The Global Philanthropy Forum is a community of donors and social investors committed to international causes.

Our annual conference has been designed to create a safe and productive environment where donors and social investors can share best practices, discuss lessons learned, and explore grant-making partnerships. In this sense, the GPF aims to enable and enhance the strategic nature of international philanthropy. This event is geared toward individual donors and investors with a significant commitment to philanthropy, especially those who have established family foundations, as well as executives of private, public and corporate foundations. All conference participants are required to adhere to the GPF's strict "no-fundraising and no-solicitation of business" policy throughout the conference.

To apply to attend the GPF conference, submit an application to info@philanthfopyforum.org. Download application here.