May 31 - June 1, 2017 | Chicago, Illinois

Learning for improvement is at the center of effective grantmaking. By taking time to reflect on your programs, identify where things are going well and where they can be improved, and fully utilizing data and evaluation as a learning tool, your organization can achieve greater impact and help nonprofits make real and lasting change in people's lives.

But learning can be complex and comes with all-to-common challenges: How can you better learn with your partners and grantees? What does it take to ensure a shared learning mindset inside your organization? How can diversity, equity and inclusion ensure that affected communities are fully represented in all aspects of your learning?

The Learning Conference 2017 will offer you a range of perspectives and new ideas to go beyond the basics, think critically about these questions, identify ways to weave these elements into your learning, and take home actionable tools that will help you turn your learning into action.