November 12 - November 13, 2020

Having designed this conference originally at the end of 2019, we are delighted that nearly all of the speakers scheduled for the original event remain eager to share their insights and experiences virtually in the fall.

However, so much has changed since.  First, COVID19 transformed work and society and its impact will inform the discussions we have in November.  Then the demonstrations for racial equity and justice across the country in the wake of the tragic killing of George Floyd demanded that we make what is happening a major part of our discussions.   These are uncertain times and we all have to find ways to ensure we are working hard to build a future based on justice, respect, understanding and love for one another. 

As a D&I leader, you stand at the heart of your organization’s efforts to do just that and we are adding sessions to the agenda to help you rise to this challenge.  Also all our original speakers will update their sessions to ensure they are providing perspectives of immediate value to you in your workplace.

We have added Zoom based sessions at the end of each of the three days of the event.  Dubbed “D&I OVERTIME” these will be town hall type forums featuring leading experts and small group discussions that will explore critical issues.  The first will be on RACE, the second PRIVILEGE with the third covering our original theme of BELONGING

That original central– Belonging – has now taken on even greater urgency.  But recent events have reminded us that it is only possible to achieve this if we first address the fundamental issues of equity and justice.

We are working continuously and tirelessly to ensure the agenda in the fall reflects the urgency of this moment and events as they unfold till then.   In the meantime, The Conference Board are holding several consultations with a range of stakeholders to explore how we can begin to heal the wounds of the past, address the injustices of the present, and together build a better future for all.