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E.K. Consulting
107 Smith Street, #1F
Brooklyn, New Jersey 11201
Contact Name: Elisa Korentayer
Tel: (718) 243-1425
Fax: (718) 858-6980

If you are a nonprofit, a policy institution, or an international organization, E.K. Consulting can help you create functional, efficient, and sustainable projects and organizations. Services include program design, development, implementation, and evaluation; organizational strategy; analytical research and writing; international economic and community development; and digital divide/nonprofit technology support. Led by Elisa Korentayer, the co-founder of the groundbreaking international development organization Geekcorps, E.K. Consulting has worked with respected institutions such as Harvard University's Center for International Development, Tech Foundation, and the World Economic Forum. Balancing exacting analytical skills with imagination and resourcefulness, E.K. Consulting offers clients the options that lead to the best possible solutions from first-rate grassroots programming to world class academic policy papers, from effective evaluation campaigns to winning organizational strategies.

435 Brannan Street, Suite 100
San Francisco, California 94107
Tel: (800) 659-3579, ext. 700
Fax: (415) 633-9444

TechSoup Software & Hardware Donations — Only for Nonprofits

TechSoup has enabled nonprofits to save more than $2 billion in IT expenses since 2001. is itself a 501(c)3 nonprofit making 451 different product donations exclusively to other nonprofits and libraries from over from 44 donating partners (including Cisco, Symantec, Sun and Adobe) for an administrative fee which is usually 5% of retail cost. To qualify, organizations must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit or a library.

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Archive of Recorded Webinars Topics include: Outreach and Marketing, Technology Planning, Using the Internet, Advocacy, Constituent Management, Fundraising, Digital Divide, GreenTech, Organizational Management.

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