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Philanthropy Australia
February 12, 2001
Interested in learning more about philanthropy Down Under? Philanthropy Australia, the national association representing Australia's grantmaking private, family, corporate, and community trusts and foundations, has a Web site with basic information about its services and activities; items from recent issues of Philanthropy, its tri-yearly...
Independent Sector
February 12, 2001
INDEPENDENT SECTOR, in partnership with United Nations Volunteers and representatives from over ten countries, has released a new version of Measuring Volunteering: A Practical Tool-Kit (370kb, 39 pages, PDF). The Toolkit, which can be downloaded for free from the IS Web site, is designed to assist nonprofit practitioners in conducting surveys to...
Views Making News
February 12, 2001
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc has announced the re-launch of Views Making News site, an online resource designed to assist health advocacy organizations representing individuals with chronic illness and disability. Enhancements to the redesigned site include information on nonprofit workshops and seminars across the country, an expanded archive...
Gill Foundation
February 5, 2001
The Denver-based Gill Foundation is seeking a Circuit Rider to assist ten community sites with their technological needs.The Circuit Rider will:assess technical needs of hosts;make hardware and software recommendations to OutGiving Director that may include state-of-the-art donor software, databases, desktop, website, networking, etc.;manage the...
Technology Opportunities Program
January 22, 2001
The Technology Opportunities Program (TOP), an initiative of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA), has announced the opening of its FY2001 grant competition. TOP grants are designed to further the vision of an information society by demonstrating practical applications of new telecommunications and information...
January 22, 2001, a Webcasting and news summary service of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, has announced three new live Webcasts scheduled for Thursday, January 25, including a special presentation by Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY).Senator Clinton's speech to the "Families USA — Health Action 2001 Conference" will be Webcast live...
NetPoint Center for Nonprofits & Technology
January 15, 2001
CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, whose family of Web sites includes the Nonprofit GENIE and Consultants ONTAP, and HandsNet, the well-known human services portal site, have announced the launch of NetPoint Center for Nonprofits & Technology, a joint project designed to address the digital divide faced by nonprofits. Still in its infancy, the...
ArtsWire Current
January 8, 2001
ArtsWire Current, the online digest produced by the estimable ArtsWire communications network, has published a detailed index to its coverage of arts-related issues, organizations, events, and individual artists in 2000. A must-bookmark for anyone with an interest in the arts.
Fund for the City of New York
January 1, 2001
New solutions and philanthropy-driven approaches to vexing social problems are the focus of two articles that caught our attention at year's end. This is one.In the November 2000 issue of Fast Company, contributing editor Scott Kirsner profiles Fund for the City of New York president Mary McCormick and highlights some of the ingenious ways in...
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
January 1, 2001
New solutions and philanthropy-driven approaches to vexing social problems are the focus of two articles that caught our attention at year's end. This is one.In "The New Black Millionaires and Black Philanthropy in the 21st Century," an essay that first appeared in the Fall 2000 issue of Responsive Philanthropy, the quarterly newsletter of the...