Internews® Network

Internews®  Network

Internews® Network is an international nonprofit that supports open media, particularly in emerging democracies. Established in 1982, the organization has trained thousands of media professionals around the world; produced innovative content for print, television, and radio; and developed programming that promotes peace. The Internews Web site features updates on the organization's activities in twelve regions, including Central Asia, Southeast Europe, and the Middle East. Most recently, Internews posted a bulletin on its training program for Arab journalists in Amman, Jordan; forty Jordanians, Palestinians, and Saudis — nearly all of them women — attended the four-day session, which was co-sponsored by the Arab Women's Media Center and funded by a grant from the U.S. State Department. The Internews site also provides information on the organization's work to develop new networks, advocate for media laws in emerging democracies, cover the war crimes tribunal in Rwanda, and mediate conflict through creative programming.