What Influences Young Americans to Support Social Causes

What Influences Young Americans to Support Social Causes

Derrick Feldmann  |  November 6, 2019

Successful awareness-to-action journeys typically involve an issue that strike a personal chord with individuals, writes Feldmann. And once young Americans learn more about an issue, most will act....

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City Fiscal Conditions 2019
November 12, 2019
Survey results and fiscal data from more than five hundred cities suggest an economic downturn may be in the offing, the 2019 edition of an annual report from the National League of Cities finds. According to City Fiscal Conditions 2019 (17 pages, PDF), the annual growth rate of spending by cities in the sample outpaced the rate of growth of...
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Bill Cummings, Co-Founder and President, Cummings Foundation

Bill Cummings, Co-Founder and President, Cummings Foundation

October 25, 2019

PND spoke with Cummings about his journey from entrepreneur to philanthropist, the evolution of the foundation's $100k for 100 program,  and the impact of the Giving Pledge on his thinking about and approach to philanthropy....

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Mark Zuckerman, President, The Century Foundation
June 5, 2019

PND spoke with Zuckerman about changes in the way TCF approaches its work, the organization's efforts to advance a progressive policy agenda, and the meaning of the 2018 midterm elections....

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NPO Spotlight

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

November 12, 2019

Founded in 1997 in Boston, Bottom Line helps low-income and first-generation students get into college, graduate, and go far in life....

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City Innovation
November 5, 2019

Developed by Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with OECD, the City Innovation website helps policy makers, elected officials, academics, and others understand how municipalities are using innovation to deliver better results for their residents....

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