Social Media Content Producer

PETA | Los Angeles, California

Job Summary

This new position has been created to help PETA's social-media team meet the growing demand for around-the-clock content. You will help coordinate social-media content for various platforms on weekends and holidays to help keep PETA's social-media efforts continuous. Your posts and tweets will reach tens of millions of people every week, creating positive change for animals as you help open the public's eyes to the importance of animal rights.

Position Objective:

To help coordinate PETA's social-media posts and presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


What Your Day Will Look Like:

  • This position requires availability to work after hours, weekends, and holidays, so you may not have a typical Monday-Friday schedule.
  • You will work with the social media team to manage PETA's social-media presence across a variety of platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.
  • You'll also write content, create images and videos optimized for engagement on social-media profiles.
  • Part of your day will be spent brainstorming with others to find ways to promote content effectively while meeting the goals of other departments (this takes some serious skill!) and advising on how to optimize online content for social media. Pretty much everything (as in animals' welfare) depends on how well our posts perform, so you'll need to track and analyze the successful—and not-so-successful—posts, tweets, etc., as well as overall engagement and growth.
  • Keeping our content fresh and trending is critical. You'll be expected to stay on top current trends in social media— from Facebook’s newest feature to things like why people are obsessing about the latest craze on the Internet—and apply those principles and strategies to PETA's efforts.
  • Social-media success depends on acting in real time, so we post when the moment strikes. (On some occasions, the moment is 9 p.m. on Saturday night.) If you're looking for a 9-to-5 job just to support your vegan cupcake habit, keep looking.
  • You'll perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor.


  • To start things off, you'll need extensive experience managing social-media pages with proven success in fostering engagement. No, sharing articles on Facebook and posting pics of your dinners on Instagram do not count. This is not a "do what you normally do on social media" position.
  • The content on our social-media pages often reaches more people than any of our other online channels. Not long ago, for instance, we had one post that reached 100 million people. Managing these pages is a huge responsibility, and you must be confident and ready to take it on while being open to feedback on improvement. (Yes, we want it all.)
  • You'll be working quickly, often without supervision. At times, you'll have to meet other departments halfway to achieve multiple goals simultaneously. We need a self-starter with the proven ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • If you know much about PETA, you know we always have A LOT going on at once! You must have the proven ability to prioritize work and handle multiple tasks, work well under pressure, and meet deadlines.
  • A lot of our success is based on what has worked in the past, so extensive experience conducting and analyzing marketing research is vital.
  • Social media relies heavily on visual impact. Photoshop skills and a keen eye for compelling written and video content are a must. (Feel free to provide us with a link to some of your work to help you get noticed.)
  • On social media, you have about three seconds to grab someone's attention, so every detail counts, even punctuation! We need top-notch writers. Tip: Perfectly presented application materials will go a long way.
  • Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail will help you keep everything on track, so résumés with bad grammar or other errors will be rejected. Sorry, but we can't risk it.
  • Many people think they thrive under pressure. This position has no shortage of tight deadlines, so you must really be able to crank out high-quality work within short timeframes.
  • This position is responsible for getting our message out to the mainstream audience, so you must know PETA campaigns and animal rights issues inside and out.
  • You must support PETA's philosophy and have the ability to advocate our positions on issues professionally.
  • Naturally, you should be committed to the objectives of our organization, and following a vegan lifestyle would be a part of this. How else would you know who really makes the best vegan cheese?