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Work with International Rivers South East Asia and South Asia staff to develop a simple Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework that allows our programs to monitor and report on activities, assess progress towards objectives and outcomes, as well as evaluate impact in our part of the Oxfam / SIDA Transboundary Rivers of South Asia (TROSA) program. The IR framework will guide our contribution to the TROSA MEAL framework and outcomes measurement and reporting.

Background and key informants:

The TROSA program has developed a MEAL framework in the first year of operations, for the overall program, inclusive of both Oxfam country office and regional partner implementation. This MEAL framework is expansive in scope, and includes considerable baseline and indicator monitoring focused on the level of community level change that Oxfam operates in. In many areas this is beyond the scope of the International Rivers program, so we need to develop our own framework approach for MEAL, that allows us to monitor and evaluate our work and that aligns with, and feeds information into, the TROSA overarching framework.

Oxfam has indicated that they see the majority of our work being able to be reported through use of story-telling methodology and outcome harvesting. These are two methodologies being employed through the TROSA MEAL. Our coordinator has attended webinars on both these methodologies but implementing staff have not been trained in these methods. The Oxfam TROSA team has a program management unit located in the Cambodia water governance office, including a MEAL coordinator.

International Rivers implements its TROSA project primarily through its South Asia and South East Asia programs. The Director of Programs (Michael) is also closely involved. Day to day project administration and coordination is led by Ayesha D’Souza in the South Asia team. Program oversight has been held by Michael Simon but is being handed over to Maureen Harris (SEA Director). Financial oversight is being led by Samir Mehta (SA Director). Implementation of our project in the Salween is led by Pai Deetes. Support for coordination of this contract between staff and consultant will be supported by Ayesha.

Currently our monitoring includes trip reports; story gathering (especially around women’s stories and key topic stories (eg. Local renewable energy work, or green approaches to riverbank erosion); meeting records; photo essays; collation of media earned. Gender disaggregated data is collected against the Oxfam reporting template from all funded activities.  We regularly contribute to the TROSA communication blog. We use our annual planning process and template to also undertake annual evaluation of work achievements, and changes in context. 

Job Summary


The consultant will prepare a simple proposal including workplan, proposed time for different activities, and costing for management / implementation of the project.

It is expected that discussions/ meetings will be conducted through skype or other video conferencing; final approach to be confirmed between the consultant and IR staff.

Consideration should be made for need for discussing plans, assumptions or drafts of the project MEAL with Oxfam MEAL coordinator as well (this could be done by the consultant, with IR, or by IR after the end of the consultant contract).



A simple project MEAL framework for International Rivers to provide overarching methodology for our reporting and implementation in the TROSA program (4-6 pages maximum). This should include review of current tools and suggested updates/improvements, or new tools, to align to the framework.

 We are also looking for a short 1 page report outlining recommendations:

  • on costs and resources needed on an annual basis to implement the proposed MEAL approach; and
  • training or capacity building needs of IR staff to manage MEAL for TROSA.


To be completed by January 2019.

Our preference is to have this completed, and MEAL plan operational to help guide input to our next 6 monthly report, due end of December 2018.

Reading and resources:

  • TROSA Program Plan
  • Oxfam TROSA MEAL framework.
  • International Rivers TROSA Proposal (4 year proposal)
  • International Rivers TROSA Annual Workplans and budget for Years 1 and 2.
  • International Rivers TROSA implementation tools for monitoring and reporting (eg. key questions, meeting record templates, stories, major meeting communiques and reports).
  • International Rivers Annual TROSA Report for Year 1
  • Other background materials (such as TROSA baselines, conflict analysis etc) are also available. These are summarised in the TROSA MEAL framework.


Contract and Pay:

Contract will be with International Rivers, through its head office in Oakland, California.

Rate: To be negotiated, based on expression of interest. It is anticipated this project will take between 5-7 days inclusive of reading and interviews.

International Rivers is a small not for profit.

Expressions of interest in this project can be submitted in form of an implementation proposal, outlining approach around the parameters in this TOR.

Proposals are sought by invitation, from MEL professionals, preferably skilled and familiar with Oxfam systems. We are also looking for MEL professionals skilled in the context of complex programming, preferably with direct experience in transboundary natural resource management programs.

How to Apply

To Apply: Please send an expression of interest to

International Rivers Network