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Empire Health Foundation | Spokane, Washington


Empire Health Foundation, a private health conversion foundation formed in 2008, takes a bold and innovative approach to investing in ideas and organizations that improve access, education, research, and policy to transform the health of communities in eastern Washington. With philanthropic assets totaling approximately $76 million, the recent addition of $20M designated as a 501c(4), and a talented team of 17, EHF’s investments go beyond traditional grantmaking to leverage innovative public-private collaborations in its commitment to measurable health improvements in the areas of aging, Native American health, childhood obesity prevention, and family resiliency.

Job Summary

EHF believes strongly that solving today’s toughest social problems relies on much more than just writing a check. Through partnerships with community leaders and nonprofit organizations, EHF seeks to move the dial measurably and sustainably on health outcomes, an innovative approach known as “Philanthropy 3.0.” In contrast to traditional reactive grantmaking and top-down theory-of-change models, Philanthropy 3.0 is adaptive and collaborative, leverages partnerships, and is accountable for results. Following the successful tenure of founding CEO Antony Chiang, Empire Health Foundation now invites applications and nominations for its next Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to build on the strong existing foundation and inspirational track record of cutting-edge partnerships and bold initiatives to advance health in the region. The new CEO will chart the next era that focuses on community engagement and alignment through shared vision and collaborative strategies, the integration and maturation of initiatives incubated by EHF, continued exploration of entrepreneurial opportunities, and attention to staff development and organizational infrastructure to move EHF to a new level of impact in the coming decade.

The new CEO will be a values-centered leader with a passion for advancing the health and well-being of rural and underserved populations. They will bring a sophisticated and innovative approach to leveraging philanthropic dollars for greater impact and investment. The CEO will be a natural relationship builder who integrates community input into initiatives and builds strong partnerships with a diverse array of stakeholders for shared impact. They will be a nurturing and collaborative manager who inspires, coaches, and leads teams internally and externally that support a shared vision and collective investment in the work. This is an exciting opportunity to build on a strong foundation in partnership with a deeply engaged board and staff to chart the next era of innovation and impact on behalf of communities across eastern Washington.


With a history of tremendous growth and a foundation of innovation, the next CEO will be expected to guide the organization through the following opportunities and challenges:

Align key initiatives, grantmaking, and staff around a cohesive strategy and shared vision that is informed and strengthened by robust relationships in the community.

  • The CEO will work in partnership with the board, staff, affiliates, and the community to build and nurture synergistic relationships that foster collaboration and shared leadership with the goal of collectively defining a vision for health for the region. This includes further exploration of EHF’s commitment to health equity in the context of the region’s diverse communities and the strategic integration of existing initiatives under a shared framework that centers measurable impact toward addressing the social determinants of health.
  • The CEO will continue to catalyze strategic programming to pursue innovative solutions and transform systems to significantly improve the health and wellbeing of communities. As initiatives mature, they will work closely with staff and partners to transition them to viable funding streams and put them on the path for sustainability based on a clearly articulated lifecycle approach, shared community partnership, and a thoughtful exit strategy for EHF.
  • The CEO will explore how EHF can most effectively utilize its new c(4) arm in pursuing systemic change that supports its broader vision of health. This will include analysis and education in partnership with staff, board, and community partners on the potential and best use of c(4) resources in a philanthropic setting.

Unify staff around a core mission and vision and enhance organizational infrastructure

  • The CEO will seek opportunities to deepen internal collaboration among program teams and affiliates, strive to create an integrated, strategic approach, and foster an ecosystem of initiatives working together to advance EHF’s mission and vision.
  • The CEO will focus on nurturing the morale and enhancing the quality of EHF as a workplace. By centering relationships and open channels of communication, the CEO will empower staff in decision-making and help them align around the organization’s core strategies and priorities. The CEO will establish a transparent, trusting environment where staff feel cared for, where pathways and plans for professional development are established, and where policies and structures support the development and retention of a strong staff team.
  • The CEO will lead the organization in being nimble and entrepreneurial while at the same time disciplined in budgeting, spending, forecasting, and risk management. The CEO will clarify the roles of individuals and teams and offer collaborative structures and practices to ensure team members are working together effectively, in concert with partners and communities, to create impact.

Strengthen relationships and deepen EHF’s presence in the seven counties and three tribal nations in its service area

  • The CEO will forge authentic relationships – listening to, seeking input from, and collaborating with partners – to enhance EHF’s reputation as a trusted change agent, influencer, advocate, and servant of the community.
  • They will create and steward on-going community engagement and outreach in the region. The CEO will serve as a role model for dialogue with and among community organizations.
  • Ultimately, the CEO will help to establish a sustainable model for how a modern health foundation can responsibly and innovatively leverage the community’s assets to transform the health and well-being of all people, especially those most underserved.

Support effective engagement with and further development of EHF’s Board of Directors

  • The CEO will maintain a strong partnership with the Board’s chair and members – engaging and informing this body while receiving guidance and direction from it on the stewardship of the organization. The CEO will ensure the board’s involvement in strategic thinking, oversight, planning, risk management, community engagement, and outreach.
  • The CEO will help the Board assess and further develop its role and capabilities as a governing body and help leverage board members’ professional expertise and connections across the community to magnify the EHF’s positioning and impact. The CEO will help to cultivate a Board that embraces equity, diversity and inclusion, embodying the core values of the organization.

How to Apply

For More Information:

Empire Health Foundation is partnering with Carolyn Ho, Linh Nguyen, Cara Pearsall, and Catherine Seneviratne of NPAG on this search. To apply, please send a cover letter describing your interest and qualifications, your resume (in Word format), and where you learned of the position to

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive team of board members, staff members, and partners is an essential component of Empire Health Foundation’s work to advance equity. Candidates of all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

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