Finance Manager, Accounting

Kalamazoo Community Foundation | Kalamazoo, Michigan

Job Summary

The Finance Manager, Accounting, performs the accounting and budget functions of the Community Foundation. Works in a team oriented structure to serve the needs of the Community Foundation’s internal and external customers.

Reports To

Vice President, Finance and Administration


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Position Functions:


  • Responsibility as Super User for ABM (PowerPlan - Advanced Budget Module) 
  • Administer security, setting up and disabling users
  • Train staff to use ABM and to participate in the budget processes
  • Setup and maintain budget data entry templates and reports
  • Annually obtain factors to adjust pay ranges and merit standards for budget purposes
  • Maintain payroll module, importing new rates and time allocations
  • Maintain memberships budget (Dues)
  • Import approved annual budget to Financial Edge (FE)
  • Analyze needs for future capital expenditures and administers capital budget
  • Prepare periodic financial statements for S&L team and the Board including quarterly budget update and hours reports
  • Support CI Initiatives as needed including financial information for grant reports
  • Provide scorecard measures for budget variances

Account Payables

  • Prepare and monitor Administration functional code budget
  • Oversee business credit card accounting process
  • Review all invoices before payment for proper coding (in alignment with approved budget and 990 requirements) and for duplicate payments
  • Post invoices and checks to the general ledger
  • Prepare journal entries for miscoded invoices
  • Maintain KPI data for related processes
  • Review Flex checking account on a monthly basis
  • Oversee annual Form 1099 processing
  • Oversee payroll processing
  • Review payroll before transmission with attention to irregular situations 
  • Create JE 
  • Verify and implement transfers for payroll
  • Verify Greenleaf 401k deposit
  • Gather documentation into PDF and attach to GL
  • Reconcile payroll payable
  • Reconcile payroll checking accounts
  • Verify payroll taxes are received by state and federal entities
  • Calculate Auto Benefit
  • Organization Information
  • Review and posts journal entries for designated users
  • Monitor and maintain general ledger by functional codes 
  • Track down issues and make adjusting entries
  • Prior to audit: close functional code funds so that no liabilities or assets remain except for Accounts Payable and prepaid at year end. Transfer earnings from operating funds to COMD07 
  • Participate in annual financial statement audit and internal control audit
  • Assist with surveys as needed


  • Supports the mission, vision and strategic goals, as a part of the Performance Excellence Model of the Community Foundation, in order to serve both internal and external customers
  • Follows and supports Community Foundation policies and procedures
  • Embraces and supports Community Foundation philosophies related to diversity, inclusiveness and anti-racism
  • Evaluates own performance and assumes responsibility for professional development
  • Embraces philosophy of and actively engages in lifelong learning
  • Masters concept of Process Based Management (PBM)
  • Maintains current knowledge of all changes affecting area of work
  • Conducts self in a professional manner and follows and support the employee commitments and behaviors
  • Maintains appropriate professional appearance
  • Maintains confidentiality


  • Actively participates in meetings, committees and volunteer opportunities within the organization
  • Participate as a team member utilizing a collaborative style to achieve mutual goals
  • Provide proactive, creative cross-functional thinking and ideas to enhance service to customers
  • Demonstrate ability to work effectively with others


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:


  • Bachelor’s degree in business or related field with emphasis in accounting or an equivalent combination of training and relevant work experience
  • Four to six years progressively more responsible experience in accounting or finance role with proven ability to accept higher levels of responsibility
  • Understanding of computer networks and workstations
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Ability to gain a working knowledge of BlackBaud suite of products, including advanced report writing
  • Problem solving ability
  • Well organized and detail oriented with ability to prioritize work tasks efficiently
  • Able to take initiative
  • Excellent written and verbal skills


  • Experience in nonprofits, including fund accounting

Physical/Mental Requirements:

  • Works in well-lit, pleasant, smoke-free office 
  • Requires occasional travel
  • Frequently requires extended workdays
  • Must be able to sit for long periods of time 
  • Involves periodic repetitive movement associated with keyboarding
  • Able to stoop, bend and move intermittently in order to do filing and move equipment and supplies necessary for job function
  • Requires frequent attention to detail/concentration on figures, paperwork, data, etc.
  • Frequent pressures related to meeting deadlines and fulfilling scheduling requirements
  • Frequent distracting influences such as people, phone calls, noise and so forth
  • Simultaneous handling of multiple tasks on a frequent basis
  • Frequent intermittent or cyclical work pressures
  • Frequent irregularity of work hours because of overtime requirements, attendance at meetings, etc.
  • Occasional on-call availability to handle work problems, handle emergencies/crisis situations etc., at all hours


Pay Grade G: $56,400 – 67,600

How to Apply

Kalamazoo Community Foundation