Donors Giving More Alternative Assets

Posted September 30, 2002

Traditionally, gifts of alternative assets have involved complex transactions, but community foundations have been developing expertise to meet the challenge....

Washington, D.C.-Area United Way Appoints Interim Chief

Posted September 29, 2002

D.C. Central Kitchen founder and CEO Robert Egger steps into an agency that federal prosecutors, the Internal Revenue Service, and others are investigating after accusations of financial mismanagement....

September 11th Fund Announces New Chief Executive

Posted September 28, 2002

The Fund, which has distributed more than $300 million to those affected by the terrorist attacks last year, has announced that Carol Kellermann will replace Joshua Gotbaum as CEO of the Fund....

Philanthropist Falls Behind in Payments to Arts Groups

Philanthropist Falls Behind in Payments to Arts Groups

Posted September 21, 2002

Arts philanthropist Alberto W. Vilar has failed to make grant payments to at least two arts groups recently, and some in the arts community are worried that he may not be able to fulfill other commitments....