Hershey Trust Halts Efforts to Sell Company

Posted September 19, 2002

The Trust had announced in July that it was exploring a sale as a way to diversify its $5.9 billion portfolio in order to protect financing for its main beneficiary, the Milton Hershey School....

Markle Foundation President Draws Praise and Criticism

Posted September 9, 2002

Zoë Baird has focused the foundation's efforts on children's media, health care, and the Internet, but critics say that under her leadership the foundation has been more successful in raising its profile than in building effective programs....

Nike Announces Fiscal 2002 Philanthropy

Posted September 8, 2002

The world's biggest shoe company has announced that it contributed $9.9 million in cash and $19.1 million in products and in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations and community partners in the 2002 fiscal year....