$10 Million Pledge to Create Behavioral Health Center

The University of Colorado has announced a five-year, $10 million commitment from the Anschutz Foundation to establish a new center at its Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora dedicated to improving mental and behavioral health.

Designed as a "virtual" center, serving people in Colorado as well as across the nation, the National Behavioral Health Innovation Center will work to identify and implement behavioral health solutions, make connections to national experts, and provide resources aimed at fostering connections among community leaders across the state. To be led by Matt Vogl, M.P.H., center officials will engage leaders in diverse industries to help identify high-value focus areas for behavioral health innovation, identify subject-matter experts, and assist in building community and organizational partnerships. Among other things, early interest is emerging in the design of employer-driven health promotion and coverage models, as well as in the relevance of behavioral health to students entering diverse professions in business, education, and other non-healthcare fields.

"There are few areas of health care more important and less understood than mental and behavioral health," said CU president Bruce Benson. "By investing in a center with a focus on finding innovative approaches to prevention, identification, and treatment through intensive collaboration with partners all across our state, the Anschutz Foundation is investing in a brighter future for all people who suffer from a behavioral health condition. We couldn't be more grateful for their continued philanthropic partnership."

"$10 Million Pledge Starts National Behavioral Health Innovation Center." Colorado University Press Release 03/25/2016.