100 Resilient Cities Fulfills Founding Commitment in Global Network

100 Resilient Cities Fulfills Founding Commitment in Global Network

Established in 2013 by the Rockefeller Foundation, 100 Resilient Cities has announced the addition of thirty-seven new member cities, fulfilling its founding commitment of creating a global network of one hundred cities.

The latest cohort of Resilient Cities includes Nairobi, Jakarta, Buenos Aires, and eight cities in the U.S. — including a unique partnership of Miami, Miami Beach, and Miami Dade County. Through three challenge rounds, 100RC has received more than a thousand applications to join the network, including three hundred and twenty-five in the most recent round.

Members of the Resilient Cities network pledge to undertake efforts to become more resilient in the face of mounting social, economic, and environmental challenges and, in turn, receive funding to hire a chief resilience officer, typically a new position within municipal government that works directly with city leaders in developing a resilience strategy.

To date, the 100RC Network has provided its member cities with more than $200 million in direct support provided by its partners, including Swiss Re, Microsoft, the WorldBank, and the International Rescue Committee, while a dozen member cities have developed strategies outlining specific initiatives and laying the groundwork for significant investment from both the public and private sectors. Market players also have begun to react to the network's activities, with Moody's crediting the strategy developed by Norfolk, Virginia, as partial rationale for maintaining the coastal city's credit rating.

"Since 100RC's founding in 2013, we have seen the resilience movement grow from a bold idea into a burgeoning fixture of local governments all over the world," said 100 Resilient Cities president Michael Berkowitz. "We are proud today to celebrate the fulfillment of our initial commitment to reach one hundred cities — but the real work lies ahead. The threshold of success for 100RC will not solely be progress within our network of one hundred cities. Instead, it will be the ability for solutions to scale, and for all cities around the world to build off of the innovative work leveraged by these one hundred resilient cities through implementation of their resilience strategies."