1889 Foundation Awards $7.5 Million for Population Health

Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia has announced a five-year, $7.5 million grant from the 1889 Foundation to establish a center of population health in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

The gift will establish the 1889 Foundation-Jefferson Center for Population Health, a partnership between the foundation and the university's Jefferson College of Population Health that aims to identify and develop strategies for improving the health of the citizens of Cambria and Somerset counties. To that end, the center will work to connect prevention, wellness, and behavioral healthcare delivery in the two counties; identify socioeconomic and cultural factors that influence the health of the local population; develop policies that address the impact of these factors; use data analysis to design social and community interventions; and recommend innovative solutions to complex public health issues.

"The 1889 Foundation’s mission is to support innovative programs and initiatives to transform the overall health and wellness of our community," said James Hargreaves, the foundation's chair. "By taking a population health approach, we have an enormous opportunity to make giant strides toward fulfilling our mission."