AAAS Names 2017 Cohort of Science Fellows

AAAS Names 2017 Cohort of Science Fellows

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has recognized three hundred and ninety-six of its members as AAAS Fellows in recognition of their contributions to science and technology, scientific leadership, and extraordinary achievements in a variety of disciplines.

Established in 1874, the AAAS Fellows program has honored dozens of distinguished scientists over the years, including astronomer Maria Mitchell (1875), who discovered a comet that bears her name; Thomas Edison (1878), whose inventions include the incandescent light bulb; anthropologist Margaret Mead (1934), whose field research on culture and personality drew widespread acclaim; and American biologist James Watson (1965), who, along with Francis H.C. Crick and others, helped discover the structure of DNA. Earlier this year, AAAS Fellows were awarded Nobel Prizes in the fields of physiology/medicine, chemistry, and physics.

The latest cohort of fellows includes the University of Oregon's Alice Barkan (agriculture, food, and renewable resources); the University of Tulsa's Steadman Upham (anthropology); NASA scientist Wilton Turner Sanders III (astronomy); Yale University's Peter A. Raymond (atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences); Rice University's Janet Braam (biological sciences); the University of Kansas' Susan M. Lunte (chemistry); the Forsyth Institute's Floyd E. Dewhirst (dentistry and oral health sciences); the SETI Institute's Edna DeVore (education); the University of Miami's Mei-Ling Shyu (engineering); Council for the Advancement of Science Writing's Rosalind Reid (general interest in science and engineering); and Franklin and Marshall's Roger D.K. Thomas (geology and geography).

For a complete list of 2017 fellows, see the AAAS website.

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