AAFRC Advises Nonprofits to Continue to Promote Their Causes

The Indianapolis-based American Association of Fundraising Counsel is urging nonprofit organizations, donors, and volunteers to continue to pursue their regular missions and activities as a way to honor those affected by the devastating events of September 11.

"As we resume our activities and look for ways to help we must remember that the most important contribution many of us in the nonprofit sector can make is to continue to fulfill the regular missions of our organizations," said George C. Ruotolo, Jr., chair of the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy. "Children everywhere still need safe after-school care, the homeless still need hot meals and a place to stay, health organizations still need to fund research to fight diseases."

AAFRC, which works to advance the field of philanthropy and promote ethics in fundraising, offered several suggestions to staff, board members, and volunteers of philanthropic organizations. They include recognizing that volunteers and donors are likely to be generous supporters of ongoing relief efforts and should be supported in that choice; to avoid canceling or postponing planned events and direct mail and telemarketing activities unless there are truly valid reasons for doing so; and to continue to plan and fundraise for critical needs, keeping in mind that the best time for a nonprofit organization to raise money is when it needs it most.

"Philanthropy in the Wake of the Attack on America" American Association of Fundraising Counsel Press Release 09/18/2001.