AARP Foundation Announces $12.6 Million Grant From Toyota

The AARP Foundation has announced a three-year, $12.6 million grant from Toyota in support of initiatives that reduce isolation and promote driver safety among older Americans.

The grant will support enhancements to the AARP Driver Safety Program, including a new driver safety course curriculum that incorporates innovative approaches and advances in driver education; build awareness among older drivers and younger caregivers on the importance of keeping one's driving skills sharp and up-to-date; and broaden awareness of the program in multicultural communities.

Through the course, participants receive information about the normal changes in vision, hearing, and reaction time associated with aging; practical techniques on how to adjust to these changes; and advice on how to operate their vehicles more safely in a challenging driving environment.

"Far too often, half the people who don't drive or no longer drive are stuck at home, said AARP Foundation president Jo Ann Jenkins. "This grant from Toyota will help us keep the boomer generation that grew up in carpools alert to the challenges of driving safety in an era of high-tech cars and crowded roads."

"AARP Foundation Announces $12.6 Million Grant From Toyota." AARP Foundation Press Release 09/22/2011.