Agnes Gund Donates Contemporary Artworks to Cleveland Museum of Art

Agnes Gund Donates Contemporary Artworks to Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art has announced a gift of five works of contemporary art from Agnes Gund.

The gift comprises Sea Painting I, an early work by Brice Marden; Tea for Two (The Collector), a painting by Robert Colescott, the first African-American artist to represent the United States at the Venice Biennale; Standing Mitt with Ball, a monumental sculpture by Claes Oldenburg; Forest Fire, January 5, 1984, a mixed-media work by Donald Sultan; and Sestina II, an Abstract Expressionist pastel drawing by Adja Yunkers. The works by Colescott and Oldenburg already are on loan to the museum.

"Our collection of contemporary art would not be what it is without the support of Agnes Gund," said CMA director William Griswold. "Her most recent gifts to the museum are extremely welcome additions to [parts] of the CMA's collection that we are eager to expand."

Griswold told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Gund had long encouraged CMA to boost its acquisition of contemporary art and, to that end, donated a large Frank Stella sculpture to the museum in 2001. The Cleveland-based George Gund Foundation and the Gund family also gave a total of $20 million for the museum's $320 million expansion and renovation, which was completed in 2013. "I don't think there's really anybody who has done any more to advance the cause of postwar and contemporary art in this museum," said Griswold.

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