American Red Cross Reports Committing Nearly $486 Million to Haiti Earthquake Relief

In the four years since a massive earthquake devastated Haiti, the American Red Cross has spent, committed, or allocated about 86 percent of the $486 million donated to assist more than 4.3 million survivors and help build the country's capacity to respond to future disasters, the organization reports.

According to Haiti Earthquake Response: Four-Year Update (4 pages, PDF), the emergency relief organization has spent $144 million of the $186.6 million allocated to provide shelter to nearly 109,000 people; invested $65.8 million in healthcare services and infrastructure, including construction of and/or operational funding for eight medical facilities; and disbursed the $66.1 million allocated for emergency relief efforts. The organization also has spent $49.4 million of the $56.1 million allocated to provide clean water and sanitation services for more than 556,000 people; $44.1 million of the $45 million committed to bolstering disaster preparedness in Haiti; $32.4 million of the $39.5 million allocated to livelihoods assistance for more than 383,000 survivors; and $19.5 million of the $27.9 million committed to cholera response and prevention efforts, including the country's first cholera vaccination campaign.

In addition, ARC field staff and volunteers have collected data from a rural area in northern Haiti where the organization recently launched a program to strengthen communities and the ability of the local Red Cross chapter to serve those communities. Going forward, ARC will work with the communities to analyze and prioritize the challenges they face and identify ways to address them.

"The American Red Cross has supported the wide range of ongoing needs over the past four years with programs that include the relocation of vulnerable camp residents to safer homes, construction of hospitals and clinics, and economic programs to help people earn money and rebuild businesses," said ARC president and CEO Gail McGovern. "Recovery from such a devastating disaster takes time, so our programs have evolved to address changing community needs. The American Red Cross continues to utilize the generous donations wisely, efficiently and thoughtfully to help Haitians recover and rebuild their lives."

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