AmfAR Awards $2.1 Million in Grants for Cure-Focused HIV Research

AmfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research has announced grants totaling more than $2 million in support of research efforts to find a broadly applicable cure for HIV.

The new grants, which were supported by a gift of $720,000 from the Foundation for AIDS and Immune Research, will enable researchers in the United States and around the world to explore innovative strategies designed to eliminate reservoirs of infected cells that persist in various parts of the body and remain undetected in a person's immune system or by standard anti-HIV drugs — a critical barrier to finding a cure for the disease.  

The grant recipients are Ashwin Balagopal, M.D. ($173,333) and James Stivers, Ph.D. ($180,000), Johns Hopkins University; Cheryl Cameron, Ph.D.($180,000) and Rafick-Pierre Sékaly, Ph.D. ($179,935), Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida; Richard D'Aquila, M.D. ($178,753), Northwestern University; Felipe Garcia, M.D., Ph.D.($180,000), Consorci Institut D'Investigacins Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer; Nancy Haigwood, Ph.D. ($179,795) and Jonah Sacha, Ph.D. ($179,992), Oregon Health and Science University; Hiroyu Hatano, M.D. ($180,000), University of California San Francisco; Mario Ostrowski, M.D. ($177,776), University of Toronto; Sarah Palmer, Ph.D. ($180,000), University of Sydney; and Blanton Tolbert, Ph.D. ($180,000), Case Western Reserve University.

"The scientific challenges to a cure for HIV have been illuminated, and with the right investments, these challenges can be overcome," said amfAR chief executive Kevin Robert Frost. "That's the philosophy behind amfAR's 'Countdown to a Cure,' and these new grants represent our strengthened commitment to high-impact, smarter research that will accelerate our progress toward a cure."

For a complete list of the amfAR-funded researchers and their projects, visit the amfAR Web site.

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