Annenberg Foundation Awards $6.4 Million to National Constitution Center

The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia has announced a five-year, $6.4 million grant from the Radnor, Pennsylvania-based Annenberg Foundation in support of four new and three existing programs offered by the Annenberg Center for Education and Outreach.

The new programs to be funded through the grant are the Peter Jennings Institute for Journalists and the Constitution, an annual two-day conference for professional and student journalists; a Great Debates series held three times a year; an annual two-day convention of national leaders and youth delegations that will debate pressing issues of the day and develop a national report card to evaluate the health of constitutional practices around the country; and two annual week-long national teacher institutes featuring seminars led by university faculty on civic values and how to teach the Constitution.

The three existing programs funded by the grant are Constitution Day, which takes place on September 18 this year; the Pennsylvania Coalition for Representative Democracy (PennCORD), a coalition of state and national organizations committed to implementing civic education in the classroom as well as extracurricular activities in every Pennsylvania community; and curriculum development for the National Constitution Center Partnership High School, a magnet high school opening in Philadelphia in September that will focus on law, democracy, and civic engagement.

"With this grant...the Annenberg Foundation is tapping into the very core of Walter and Leonore Annenberg's philanthropic work," said the foundation's executive director, Gail Levin. "This gift is yet another way for them to answer the call of citizenship, to build civic engagement, and prepare the next generation of civic leaders."