Apple CEO Donates $2 Million to Unnamed Charity

Apple CEO Donates $2 Million to Unnamed Charity

Apple CEO Tim Cook has donated shares of stock in the technology company valued at $2 million to an unnamed charity, AppleInsider reports.

According to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Cook transferred 6,880 shares of stock in the tech company on December 27, 2019. As no shares were sold and no reporting price was applied to the transfer, the exact value of the shares transferred is likely to remain unknown.

Over the past few years, Cook has made similar gifts to a number of unspecified organizations, including a donation of 50,000 Apple shares to an unidentified third party in 2015; 23,215 shares in 2018; and 23,700 shares earlier in 2019. Cook is known to have supported the Human Rights Campaign's Project One America, a gay rights initiative, and he also funded the purchase of iPads for students and teachers in Pennsylvania's Steel Valley School District.

According to AppleInsider, Cook still controls 847,969 shares of beneficially owned Apple stock with a current value of $256.5 million.

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