Asia Society, Goldman Sachs Foundation Honor Student 'Global Citizens'

The New York City-based Goldman Sachs Foundation and the Asia Society have announced awards to three high school students who have demonstrated an in-depth understanding of key issues in international affairs and the global economy.

The students, whose names have not been released, competed in the Goldman Sachs Prizes for Excellence in International Education, a national award program that provides scholarship funds to the winners — $7,500 to the grand-prize winner and $5,000 each to the two runners-up. Established in 2003, the competition is designed to raise awareness of the growing importance of international affairs for the U.S. In this year's competition, students created audio or video documentaries or wrote essays on a range of topics, including Darfur, access to fresh water in the developing world, Iran and North Korea's nuclear programs, disease prevention, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and immigration.

"Preparing today's students for success and eventual leadership in the global economy is the single most important task facing U.S. education," said Goldman Sachs Foundation president Stephanie Bell-Rose. "If young Americans are to take on challenging global leadership roles in the future, they must possess a deep understanding and appreciation for other cultures, geography, history, and languages."

"Asia Society and The Goldman Sachs Foundation to Award First-Ever Prizes to Student 'Global Citizens'" Asia Society Press Release 11/28/2006.