Asian Art Museum Receives $25 Million Commitment for Expansion

Asian Art Museum Receives $25 Million Commitment for Expansion

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco has announced a $25 million commitment from board chair Akiko Yamazaki and her husband, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, in support of a project to transform the city-owned institution.

The largest cash gift in the museum's history will support a $90 million project featuring the addition of a 13,000-square-foot exhibition pavilion with a rooftop "Art Terrace," a 7,500-square-foot outdoor venue for contemporary sculpture, and commissioned installations. The project also will include the creation of dedicated spaces for contemporary art experiences, new approaches to displaying masterpieces in the museum's galleries, upgrades to classrooms, and new digital technologies designed to enhance the visitor experience. In addition, the new Koret Education Center, a multi-functional room accommodating up to seventy-five people, will become the hub for an integrated suite of offerings for learners of all ages. 

The five-year, $90 million campaign includes $38 million for construction of the pavilion and transformation of other public spaces, $27 million for exhibition and program development, and $25 million for the endowment. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2018, with the pavilion scheduled to open in the summer of 2019. 

"Now is the time to make this investment," said Yamazaki, who chairs the museum's dual governing boards, the Asian Art Commission and the Asian Art Museum Foundation. "American life is deeply interwoven with Asia, and the need to understand Asia's history, values, and contemporary culture is more essential than ever. The Asian Art Museum can meet this need through the timeless power of art."

(Photo credit: ©wHY and Asian Art Museum)

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