Aspen Institute Announces First-Ever SOAR Fellows

Aspen Institute Announces First-Ever SOAR Fellows

The Aspen Institute has announced its inaugural class of SOAR Fellows.

The twelve fellowship recipients include leaders from the United States, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Haiti who are committed to pursuing bold change on issues affecting women, including stopping the murder and disappearance and murder of Native American women across the United States, providing health care to young women in Zimbabwe, and redirecting the flow of investment capital so that more women of color gain the opportunity to become CEOs.

The program is an integral part of the newly launched SOAR Leadership Initiative, a partnership with the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation aimed at bringing together a diverse group of women to learn from each other and engage in action with the potential to change the world for women and girls. In addition to the fellowship program, SOAR will host five conversations throughout the year featuring speakers who are breaking barriers, challenging the status quo, and championing change for women and girls.

"As a 2020 SOAR fellow, I see a future where Indigenous women and girls are in leadership roles and feel confident, happy, loved, and — equally important — safe, and our land and our waters are healthy," said JoRee LaFrance, PhD student and Climate Action Task Force member of the National Congress of American Indians.

"Across the globe, women are leading remarkable social movements," said Aspen Institute president and CEO Dan Porterfield. "Consider Marc Julmisse, chief nursing officer at the University Hospital of Mirebalais in Haiti, who is developing an integrated healthcare and wellness approach for young mothers. Or North Dakota state senator Erin Oban, who is building bridges between new Americans and more established North Dakotans to create a collaborative and understanding community. Our fellows work in communities big and small and drive change in our world with bold vision and determination."

For a complete list of this year's SOAR Fellows, see the Forum on Women and Girls website.

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