Atlantic Awards $5.5 Million to Promote Health Workforce Equity

George Washington University has announced a $5.5 million grant from Atlantic Philanthropies in support of efforts to promote equity in health professions.

The grant will fund a five-year project at the GW Health Workforce Institute to identify, connect, and prepare leaders in the field to advance health workforce equity, foster networks, and augment pipeline development programs for underserved students. To that end, the effort will focus on three initiatives — a year-long Leaders for Health Equity Fellowship program that will equip seventy-five leaders with the necessary technical knowledge, skills, and network connections to advance health equity; development of a national network of organizations dedicated to transformative change in health professions education; and an enhancement of GW's pipeline development programs for students interested in pursuing health careers in the National Capital region.

"We live in a world of health disparities," said Fitzhugh Mullan, Murdock Head Professor of Medicine and Health Policy, who launched the institute in 2015. "This Atlantic Philanthropies-sponsored initiative will enable GW to pioneer a new and expanded set of programs focused on the reduction of health workforce disparities."

"Atlantic has long been dedicated to improving access to quality health care and to supporting leaders and building the health workforce to achieve that outcome, particularly for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities," said Atlantic Philanthropies president and CEO Christopher G. Oechsli. "This grant exemplifies Atlantic's fundamental strategies and initiatives to advance health equity in the United States and globally."