Atlantic Philanthropies Awards $5.8 Million to MEDICC

Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC), an Oakland-based nonprofit organization that works to enhance cooperation among the U.S., Cuban and global health communities, has announced a four-year, $5.8 million grant from Atlantic Philanthropies.

The award, a portion of which is a one-to-one challenge grant, will support a number of the organization's signature efforts, including the Latin American Medical School in Havana; publication of the MEDICC Review, the only English-language peer-reviewed journal on Cuban health and medicine; the launch of Community Partnerships for Health Equity, which will engage U.S. community leaders and their academic partners in travel to Cuba; and travel for U.S. and Cuban health professionals for mutual-learning exchanges.

Since 2002, MEDICC has received a total of $16.7 million from Atlantic Philanthropies in support of its efforts to foster exchanges with Cuban health professionals, gain insights into Cuba's use of scarce resources to maintain its universal health system, and promote cooperation toward achieving better health in Cuba, the United States, and poor communities around the world.

"We are honored that MEDICC has been chosen for a significant grant from the Atlantic Philanthropies," said MEDICC's international director, Gail Reed. "And we are grateful for Atlantic's support over the past decade, made in the spirit of its founding chairman, Chuck Feeney's philanthropic philosophy of 'giving while living' — aiming to make transformative change now, not later."

"The Atlantic Philanthropies Award $5.8 Million to Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC)." Medical Education Cooperation With Cuba Press Release 11/12/2013.