Audubon Society Receives $10 Million to Address Climate Change

Audubon Society Receives $10 Million to Address Climate Change

The National Audubon Society has announced a $10 million gift from the Overlook International Foundation in support of its work to address climate change.

As part of its commitment, OIF has earmarked a portion of the gift as a challenge and will match all new or increased gifts in support of Audubon's climate initiatives, up to $3.33 million. Given the threat climate change poses to birds and people, Audubon supports common-sense, bipartisan solutions that reduce carbon pollution at the speed and scale necessary to protect birds and the habitat they depend on. According to the organization, its 1.2 million members span the breadth of the political spectrum, with 55 percent describing themselves as progressive and 45 percent self-identifying as moderate to conservative.

"No one is better positioned than Audubon to create a bipartisan public demand for climate solutions," said David Yarnold, the society's president and CEO. "Many of our members are already climate advocates for birds. Now we will have the resources to organize even more of our members and other Americans like them to harness that energy in a focused effort. From South Carolina to Washington to Arkansas, Audubon's trusted local voices matter everywhere."

"If we are going to make progress on climate — everyone has to come to the table — party affiliations aside. We're running out of time," said Marisa de Belloy, executive director of the Overlook International Foundation. "Climate change can feel like an abstraction — even when extreme weather events tell us how very real it is. Audubon has a unique ability to make climate change personal — everyone has a bird story."

(Photo credit: Steve Torna/Audubon)