Barnard College Receives $70 Million for Teaching and Learning Center

Barnard College Receives $70 Million for Teaching and Learning Center

Barnard College has announced three gifts totaling $70 million from alumnae and their families to fund construction of a new library building.

The three largest donations in the history of the college include $25 million from Cheryl Glicker Milstein ('82) and Philip Milstein; $25 million from the Tow Foundation on behalf of Leonard Tow and his daughter, Emily Tow Jackson ('88); and $20 million from Diana T. Vagelos ('55) and P. Roy Vagelos. The donations will help underwrite the creation of a 128,000-square-foot teaching and learning center that incorporate state-of-the art learning spaces and technologies in an interactive setting — a key component in Barnard's institution of a new technology requirement, beginning with the class of 2020. Scheduled to open in 2018, the $150 million facility will include a new computational science center and a digital commons with five innovative teaching labs that utilize new media and digital technologies and also house the Athena Center for Leadership Studies and Barnard Center for Research on Women.

Cheryl Glicker Milstein, for whom the college's Glicker-Milstein Theatre is named, serves as vice chair of Barnard's board and chairs its development committee, while her husband serves on the school's real estate committee. Emily Tow Jackson serves as a Barnard trustee, co-chairs the committee on governance and nominations, sits on the school's executive committee, and also serves as executive director of the Tow Foundation, which supports several programs at the college. Diana Vagelos serves as vice chair of the Barnard board, chairs the committee on campus life, and sits on the executive committee.

"At Barnard in the 1950s, I was a scholarship student encouraged to pursue the study of the exciting and challenging field of economics," said Vagelos. "It is especially satisfying for us at this time to be helping Barnard students enter the age of 'big data' produced by the rapidly developing digital revolution."

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