Barnes, Violette de Mazia Foundations to Merge

The Barnes Foundation has announced that the Violette de Mazia Foundation has been granted permission by Montgomery County Orphans' Court to combine its art appreciation education programs with its own art appreciation programs.

The merger will include a payment of $8 million from the de Mazia Foundation to establish an endowed fund in support of the new Barnes-de Mazia Education Program and other existing Barnes education programs, including scholarships, an annual Violette de Mazia Lecture, and an academic fellowship dedicated to research on the theories, writings, and teaching practices of Albert C. Barnes, Violette de Mazia, and John Dewey. To be housed at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, the new programs will enable students to further their study of art and aesthetics in a rigorous environment and encourage them to "read" art as an artist does. As part of the merger, the archives of the de Mazia Foundation will be added to the archives of the Barnes Foundation.

The de Mazia Foundation was established by the estate of Violette de Mazia, Albert C. Barnes' longtime colleague, to promote the teachings of Barnes, de Mazia, and Dewey. For decades, de Mazia served as education director for the Barnes. Montgomery County Orphans' Court, which has jurisdiction over the Bryn Mawr-based foundation, and Pennsylvania’s attorney general approved the merger this week, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

"Perpetuating the educational programs developed by Albert C. Barnes, Violette de Mazia, and John Dewey has always been at the heart of the mission of the Violette de Mazia Foundation," said Barnes Foundation president and board member Jerome Bogutz. "Uniting our programs and housing them at the Barnes will expand their reach and secure their future as well as ensure permanent recognition for the important role Violette de Mazia played in education at the Barnes Foundation."