Barr Foundation Launches Education Initiative for Off-Track Students

The Boston-based Barr Foundation has announced the launch of an initiative aimed at improving or creating schools and programs in New England that ensure higher levels of success for students who have gotten off track.

Through the initiative, the foundation will gather information about practitioners and thought leaders whose work focuses on off-track student populations and invite them to share their knowledge and experience. The knowledge acquired will help establish a baseline assessment of both the levels of interest and capacity in the area, which the foundation will then use to catalyze and support a broader regional initiative.

Later this fall, Barr will launch a competitive RFP process with the goal of providing design and implementation support to school and program operators, as well as to potential partners in the areas of technical assistance, data and evaluation, policy and advocacy, and communications and engagement.

"I am excited to announce a new initiative with the goal of improving and/or creating a new generation of schools and programs to ensure higher levels of success for off-track students," said Barr Foundation director of education Leah Hamilton. "Our starting point is an information-gathering phase."

"Barr Launches New Initiative to Support Off-Track Youth." Barr Foundation Press Release 09/22/2016.