Blandin Foundation Announces $20 Million Grant for Build Community Health Care Campus

The board of trustees of the Blandin Foundation has approved a $20 million grant, its largest ever, to the Itasca Medical Center to support the construction of a new health care campus.

The grant from the Grand Rapids, Minnesota-based foundation will be used to create a community-based, quality focused, integrated health care facility that expands service capabilities. The campus vision calls for a range of services, including health and wellness promotion, prevention, primary care, specialty care, short-term nursing care, transitional care, and long-term care.

"If we work together, we can create an innovative health care system that serves all residents -- not just when we are acutely sick -- but also when we are well to keep us healthy," said Blandin Foundation president Paul Olson. "Prevention and wellness will be as much of this new campus as treating illness. The primary reason the foundation board approved this extraordinarily large grants of $20 million is because of this innovative approach to wellness and disease prevention."

"Blandin Foundation Announces Its Largest Grant Ever-$20 Million Approved for a Community Health Care Campus" Blandin Foundation Press Release 03/06/2001.