Blue Shield of California Foundation Awards $6.4 Million in Fourth-Quarter Grants

The San Francisco-based Blue Shield of California Foundation has announced fourth-quarter grants totaling more than $6.4 million to organizations working in the areas of health care and domestic violence prevention.

Two-thirds of the funding, or more than $4.5 million, will support efforts to strengthen California's healthcare safety net and expand access for residents of the state to high-quality, effective, and affordable health care. To that end, the foundation allocated more than $2.8 million to fifteen organizations and agencies for safety-net integration activities and $1 million to ten community health center consortia to enhance their data capacity. Other grant recipients include Institute for Healthcare Improvement, which was awarded $223,000 to provide technical assistance and training; the National Health Law Program in Los Angeles, which will receive $200,000 in support of research, analysis, and collaboration among county and state policy makers working to ensure an effective transition from Low Income Health Programs to Medi-Cal in 2014; and the Tides Center, which was awarded $150,000 to help produce news and feature coverage on issues related to health reform, safety-net integration, domestic violence, and healthcare access options for low-income populations in the state.

The foundation also awarded grants totaling $1.9 million to build a more effective network of domestic violence prevention services. Grants include $1.2 million to CompassPoint Nonprofit Services for training and leadership development activities; $250,000 to the Nonprofit Finance Fund to strengthen financial management and leadership among domestic violence organizations; $200,000 to the Alameda County Family Justice Center to enable a coordinated response among law enforcement and healthcare providers; $150,000 to the Aspen Institute to convene a summit on military family well-being and promote a curriculum for frontline health workers on treating combat-related post-traumatic stress and preventing domestic violence; and $110,771 to the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault to explore strategies for programs to work more collaboratively.

"New care delivery models and technologies will play an important role in helping safety-net providers use their resources more efficiently to serve the individuals and families who will gain coverage in 2014," said BSCF president and CEO Peter V. Long. "Through these strategic grants, we're working to support the development of an integrated, high-performing healthcare system for California's underserved."

For a complete list of grant recipients, visit the BSCF Web site.

"Blue Shield of California Foundation Announces $6.4 Million in Fourth-Quarter Funding." Blue Shield of California Foundation Press Release 12/12/2012.