Blue Shield of California Foundation Awards $9 Million in First-Quarter Grants

The San Francisco-based Blue Shield of California Foundation has announced grants totaling nearly $9 million to organizations working to address health needs in the state.

Grants totaling $7.2 million were awarded through BSCF's healthcare and coverage program to California community health clinics, which last year experienced more than $80 million in state and local budget cuts. At the same time, clinics are reporting a significant increase in the number of uninsured patients as a result of elevated unemployment levels in the state. BSCF also awarded $100,000 to San Diegans for Healthcare Coverage to assess the local need for better access to care, identify options for expanding coverage, and develop a plan to strengthen local safety-net providers.

In addition, the foundation awarded several grants aimed at creating a stronger statewide voice for organizations working to end domestic violence. They included $425,000 to Youth Radio to expand a social marketing campaign designed to prevent teen dating violence and $345,000 to the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence to help strengthen the domestic violence field in the state.

"Now more than ever, California health clinics need core support," said Brenda Solórzano, BSCF's chief program director and director of the health care and coverage program. "The best way to provide an immediate lifeline to millions of vulnerable families is by supporting California's community clinics. Our research tells us that core support grants can make a critical difference."

"Blue Shield of California Foundation Announces Nearly $9 Million in First Quarter Grants." Blue Shield of California Foundation Press Release 03/09/2010.