Boston Foundation Announces $20 Million in Quarterly Grants

The Boston Foundation has announced fourth-quarter grants totaling nearly $20 million to local nonprofit organizations.

Single- and multi-year discretionary grants totaling $1.87 million will be disbursed beginning in January to nonprofits working in the areas of the arts, education, health, and workforce innovation. Grants include $750,000 to the Posse Foundation in support of a cohort-based college success program for underrepresented students; $150,000 over two years to the Asian American Civic Association to expand its Workforce Development Center; $250,000 over two years to the New England Healthcare Institute in support of its Healthy People/Healthy Economy Initiative; and $230,000 over three years to the Urbano Project, a neighborhood-based contemporary arts organization serving a diverse cross-section of youth.

In addition, mmore than $15 million was disbursed through donor-advised funds at the foundation between September and December, while nearly $3 million in grants was provided through various Boston Foundation-sponsored initiatives.

"The diverse array of organizations on this quarter's grant docket demonstrates the creativity and innovation at the heart of so many efforts to solve Greater Boston's most challenging problems," said Boston Foundation president and CEO Paul S. Grogan. "Our investments in workforce development and operational support of key community organizations will have a measurable impact on the people they serve."

For a complete list of fourth-quarter discretionary grants, visit the Boston Foundation Web site.

"Boston Foundation Announces $20 Million in Grants." Boston Foundation Press Release 12/20/2012.