Breast Cancer Research Foundation Awards $58.6 Million in Grants

Breast Cancer Research Foundation Awards $58.6 Million in Grants

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has announced grants totaling $58.6 million, including $47 million in annual grants and $11.6 million in support of the Founder's Fund project, which is focused on metastasis.

Awarded to two hundred and twenty-two physicians and scientists in fourteen countries on six continents, the 2014-15 grants include new investigator awards in the areas of tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, survivorship, and metastasis, and seven grants, awarded in partnership with the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Association for Cancer Research, in support of the continuing education and career development of postdoctoral and early-career scientists.

The grants were announced at BCRF's annual symposium, where television journalist Barbara Walters received the Sandra Taub Humanitarian Award for her contributions to women's health and Peter Greenwald of the National Cancer Institute was given the Jill Rose Award for outstanding research excellence in recognition of his contributions to cancer prevention research.

"At BCRF, we fund the game changers," said BCRF president Myra Biblowit. "Thanks to the generosity of our donors and corporate communities, we are able to support over two hundred and twenty women and men through our grants that will make a real difference and accelerate advances in the battle against breast cancer."

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