Bristol-Myers Squibb Awards $1.3 Million to Enhance Community-Based HIV/AIDS Care and Support in Africa

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation have announced grants totaling $1.3 million to fourteen community-based organizations in Africa to provide technical assistance and enhance care and support for people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Announced during this year's International AIDS Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, the grants were awarded through the company's Secure the Future initiative, which for the past decade has provided support for programs that help children and women affected by HIV/AIDS. The latest round of grants will support efforts to boost the effectiveness and sustainability of community outreach programs as varied as mother-to-child transmission projects, HIV/AIDS trainings for healthcare professionals, efforts to improve patient adherence, and reducing stigma and discrimination associated with the disease.

For the first time, the initiative will assist communities in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Morocco, Niger, and Togo, while continuing to support programs and communities in Mali, South Africa, and Zambia.

As part of its technical assistance program, Secure the Future deploys dozens of project managers and implementers to provide groups with highly customized assistance. "Over the past ten years, we have...developed best practices that have been proven successful in the poorest, most remote areas of Africa," said Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation president John Damonti. "We are offering this experience and expertise to help community-based organizations most effectively utilize their resources, ensure their sustainability, and ultimately maximize the benefit to the communities they serve."