Broad Foundation Gives $4.2 Million to Train San Diego Principals

The Los Angeles-based Broad Foundation has announced a three-year, $4.2 million grant to the Education Leadership Development Academy (ELDA) in San Diego to fund the organization's program to recruit and train principals for San Diego City Schools.

Based at the University of San Diego, ELDA is a partnership between San Diego City Schools, the area business community, and several of the city's universities that works to identify teachers with leadership potential and prepares them to become principals or vice principals. ELDA helps teachers accelerate their professional development through summer classes, on-the-job training, and a mentoring program. Teachers who participate in the academy not only develop and hone leadership skills but also earn an administrative credential through a program of coursework. The grant is the Broad Foundation's second gift to the program. In 2000 the foundation gave $525,000 to ELDA, which allowed the organization to successfully place nine principals and vice principals in San Diego schools.

"I can imagine no more important contribution to the nation's future than a determined, long term commitment to improving urban K-12 public schools," said Eli Broad, founder of the Broad Foundation. "Effective leadership from principals increases the positive impact other school reforms can have on student achievement. San Diego's principal training academy is a model for people who are serious about dramatically improving America's public schools."

"Principal Training Academy to Improve Leadership in San Diego City Schools" Broad Foundation Press Release 04/10/2002.