Bush Foundation Announces 2010 Bush Leadership Fellows

The St. Paul-based Bush Foundation has announced the 2010 recipients of its Bush Leadership Fellows grants.

The nineteen fellows, who hail from Minnesota and the Dakotas, will be awarded monthly stipends of $4,000 for up to eighteen months, as well as up to $24,000 in travel reimbursement and instructional expenses, for full-time academic or self-designed study aimed at engaging communities in solving problems.

As part of their fellowships, the awardees will work in their communities to overhaul systems that have led to challenges such as a lack of affordable housing, economic and cultural stagnation, the absence of the arts from vital community discussions, the widening educational achievement gap among diverse groups, poorly informed public policy development, widening class distinctions, limited access to the public debate for the disadvantaged, a stressed economic and social climate for immigrants, leadership and cooperation models that no longer work, poor access to quality health care for underserved groups, and chronic health issues that rely on high-tech and pharmacological solutions.

For more information on the 2010 Bush Leadership Fellows, visit the Bush Foundation Web site.

"2010 Bush Leadership Fellows to Tackle a Broad Range of Issues." Bush Foundation Press Release 04/20/2010.