Bush Foundation Gives $750,000 for Prairie Restoration Project

The St. Paul-based Bush Foundation has announced a three-year, $750,000 grant to the Nature Conservancy to support the restoration of grassland habitat at the organization's Glacial Ridge project in northwest Minnesota.

Purchased last year by the Conservancy, the 24,500-acre Glacial Ridge property is considered the largest prairie restoration project in the U.S. The land, known locally as Tilden Farms, will likely become a national wildlife refuge. Scientists regard the property as a healthy, functioning prairie and wetlands ecosystem that supports, among other species, sandhill cranes, big bluestem grass, western prairie fringed orchids, and Dakota skipper butterflies.

"Our Board recently approved guidelines for a new program to improve the ecological health of our region by treating human, animal, and ecosystem health as an interdependent system, rather than as a set of isolated problems to be solved," said Bush Foundation president Anita Pampusch. "The Glacial Ridge Project of the Nature Conservancy is an example of this new direction in Bush environmental grantmaking. We are delighted to provide support for this remarkable project."

"Bush Foundation Awards $750,000 to The Nature Conservancy; Funds Benefit Habitat and Communities at Glacial Ridge Project" Nature Conservancy Press Release 11/16/2001.