California Community Foundation Awards $7 Million for Census Outreach

California Community Foundation Awards $7 Million for Census Outreach

The California Community Foundation has announced grants totaling $7 million in support of census education and outreach efforts across Los Angeles County.

In preparation for the upcoming Get Out the Count campaign in the county — which is ranked as the hardest to count region in the nation — grants ranging from $35,000 to $500,000 were awarded to fifty-one local organizations working in the areas of community education, digital media outreach, and direct outreach. Grant recipients include A New Way of Life Reentry Project, the Pars Equality Center, the Social Justice Learning Institute, Central City Neighborhood Partners, and the Equality California Institute.

Designated as an administrative community-based organization (ACBO) by the state earlier this year, CCF is responsible for leading and coordinating census-related education and outreach initiatives in Los Angeles County. For the first time, the census will be principally administered online, creating additional concerns around privacy and digital literacy. What's more, the controversy over the inclusion of a citizenship question in the census questionnaire, which the U.S. Supreme Court blocked, has left many immigrant communities wary of how their census information may be used.

"Census data drives federal funding in Los Angeles County for services and programs that are critical to the health and well-being of our communities, particularly our most vulnerable populations. Accurate data also impacts our political representation in Congress," said California Community Foundation president and CEO Antonia Hernández. "There is simply too much to gain — too much at stake — to not do all we can to ensure everyone is counted."

For a complete list of grantees, see the California Community Foundation website.

(Photo credit: A New Way of Life Reentry Project)