California Endowment Announces $5 Million for COVID-19 Response

California Endowment Announces $5 Million for COVID-19 Response

The California Endowment has announced an initial commitment of $5 million in support of coronavirus response efforts in the state.

The funds will be targeted to public health efforts and the immediate needs of vulnerable populations likely to be impacted by the virus due to lack of awareness, language barriers, and lack of access to health care, including farm workers/day laborers, the homeless, and undocumented individuals. To that end, funding will be distributed to community clinics, regional community foundations, and statewide networks and associations. The Inland Empire and Central Valley regions have been identified as a priority focus for the funding, with funds also targeted to Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, the Bay Area, and counties in the northern part of the state.

"Our board of directors intends to set a tone of responsiveness and support for communities and populations at high risk for being impacted by this pandemic," said California Endowment board chair Shawn Ginwright. "We look forward to engaging California's public and private sectors as partners standing strong together to protect the public health and safety of our families, neighbors, communities of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientation and identities."

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