Candid Launches Coronavirus Webpage

Candid Launches Coronavirus Webpage

Candid has announced the creation of a pop-up webpage to share information about the global philanthropic response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The page will be updated automatically as data and news are added to the organization's database. According to Candid vice president of data and technology Jake Garcia, the data on the page is coded using the organization's taxonomy, while the news section is updated daily from a set of some three hundred thousand source articles.

The page also includes access to a free disaster funding map that includes the response to the coronavirus outbreak, as well as several resources curated by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy that are designed to help funders be more effective in their response to the coronavirus emergency.

"In a crisis, there's a lot of pressure to react. Decisions get made more quickly," said Garcia. "We're sharing this information so that the social sector can make informed decisions. We plan to do more of these pages on important topics going forward."

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