Carnegie Corporation of New York Awards Grants Totaling $15.8 Million

The Carnegie Corporation of New York has announced twenty-four first-quarter grants totaling $15.8million through its international and national programs and Special Opportunities Fund.

Two-year grants awarded through the foundation's international program include $750,000 to the Alliance for Peacebuilding in Washington, D.C., to convene an international consortium to advance peacebuilding evaluation; $600,000 to the European Leadership Network in London for a project on Russia and the West; and $400,000 to the University of Sydney in support of research on the international security implications of quantum mechanics. Through its national program, the foundation awarded $1.5 million over two years to the New Teacher Center in Santa Cruz, California, in support of efforts to build a scalable, sustainable, and aligned school leadership development model; $1.25 million over two years to the National Immigration Forum in Washington, D.C. for general support; and $250,000 over twelve months to the New Venture Fund in support of strategic communications efforts to promote the Common Core State Standards.

In addition, the foundation awarded $250,000 through its Special Opportunities Fund  to the Social Science Research Council in New York City in support of SSRC'[s Digital Culture program.

"Carnegie Corporation of New York Board Approves 24 Grants Totaling $15,831,400." Carnegie Corporation of New York Press Release 03/27/2015.