Center for Disaster Philanthropy Awarded $15.3 Million in 2018

Center for Disaster Philanthropy Awarded $15.3 Million in 2018

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy has announced that it awarded  $15.3 million in support of disaster recovery efforts in 2018.

Funded by foundations, corporations, and individuals, the grants supported more than a hundred organizations helping with recovery efforts in communities affected by hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and man-made disasters. Grants awarded through the 2018 CDP Recovery Fund included $8.9 million for Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts in Texas, including support for home repairs and rebuilding, immigration services, and an expansion of Texas Children's Hospital's Trauma and Grief Clinic mobile unit; $3.4 million in support of hurricanes Irma and Maria recovery efforts, including funding for solar panel installations and skills training, culturally sensitive mental health services, and food assistance for senior citizens; $1.5 million for Florida-specific Irma recovery efforts; $700,000 to the Midwest Early Recovery Fund for nutrition support, recovery support for children, and support for mental health providers and outreach workers; $300,000 for earthquake relief efforts in Mexico; $200,000 for 2017 California wildfire recovery efforts; $200,000 to the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance; $44,000 for earthquake relief efforts in Iran/Iraq; and $15,000 for Syrian refugee assistance, including funding to provide psychosocial support to Syrian refugee children.

"We strongly believe that a focus on preparedness, resilience, and recovery can have a catalytic impact on how philanthropists respond to disasters and to the communities impacted," said CDP president and CEO Robert G. Ottenhoff.

"Years of involvement in the aftermath of disasters worldwide has informed the Patterson Foundation of the importance of long-term recovery efforts in the months and years following a catastrophic event," said Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of the Patterson Foundation, a major contributor to the CDP Recovery Fund. "The Center for Disaster Philanthropy has displayed time and again the foresight, strategy, and expertise to meet these complex challenges and help strengthen these communities for the future." 

For a complete list of 2018 grant recipients, see the Center for Disaster Philanthropy website.