Launches Investment Campaign, Reid Hoffman Makes Pledge, which works to advance social change through technology, has announced the launch of a $30 million investment campaign led by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and a partner at Greylock Capital Management in New York City.

Widely known for his success as an investor in Internet startups, Hoffman has pledged to donate any increase in the equity value of his investment in the certified B corporation to charity, including the Foundation. It is expected that the funds from the investment campaign will enable to transform its popular platform into a catalyst for a variety of social movements, greatly increase its crowdfunding and membership revenues, and create a sustainable business model.

The organization also announced that it has increased the size of its board with the addition of Nancy Lublin, founder of Crisis Text Line and the former CEO of Do Something; Allen Blue, a co-founder of LinkedIn; Sarah Imbach, former chief operating officer of 23andMe and an executive at PayPal and LinkedIn; and Joe Greenstein, co-founder of Flixster to the board. In addition, the organization also is completing the process of transitioning from a certified B-corporation to a full-fledged public benefit corporation.

"Our aim in the years ahead," said founder Ben Rattray in an announcement on the organization's website, "will be to design the type of scalable, sustainable technology that will channel this energy into ever-more effective, constructive action. In doing so, we hope to help create the world most people want — a world in which no one is powerless, and where the policies of governments and practices of business reflect the public good rather than private interests."

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