CHF International Receives $4.8 Million From Chevron Global Fund

Working in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development and the city of Aceh, Indonesia, the Chevron Global Fund has announced a $4.8 million grant to CHF International to support construction of Polytechnik Aceh, a full-scale vocational training facility designed to be a major step forward in the economic recovery of Aceh, one of the areas hardest hit by the December 2004 tsunami.

The project is part of the Vocational Training Alliance, a partnership between Chevron and USAID that aims to restore people's livelihoods in Aceh through training programs and local capacity-building initiatives. Slated for completion in August 2008, the facility will offer classrooms, laboratories, a library, a main hall, and administrative offices, and will also provide skills training to hundreds of Acehnese people.

CHF has been working in Indonesia since the tsunami struck, focusing on revitalizing the local economy by restoring lost assets, rebuilding major marketplaces, providing vocational training, and constructing one thousand permanent homes.

"CHF International is proud to partner with the Chevron Global Fund on this important project," said CHF's senior vice president, Dr. Judith A. Hermanson. "We believe this is a critical opportunity for the people of Aceh to not only accelerate economic recovery for their community, but also to lay the foundation for long-term development, to build back better."