Children's National Medical Center Launches $250 Million Fundraising Campaign

Children's National Medical Center, a leader in the development of innovative treatments for childhood illnesses, has announced the launch of Giant Steps: Great Strides for Children's Health, the largest fundraising campaign in the history of American pediatric hospitals.

"The campaign will have a significant impact on children everywhere in terms of the major breakthroughs in research and medical treatment that will be made possible," said Edwin K. Zechman, Jr., president and CEO of CNMC. "It significantly raises the bar for what will be possible in children's health care, as well as what will be achievable in philanthropic support for pediatric hospitals across the country. This increase in funding will drive advancements that can be moved from the research bench to bedside more quickly than ever before."

The five-year campaign has already raised $155 million of its $250 million goal, thanks in part to two $25 million gifts. The gifts, from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Robert, Jr. of McLean, Virginia, and Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Goldberg of Washington, D.C., are the largest single gifts ever received by a pediatric hospital in the U.S. Mr. Robert is co-chair of CNMC's Leadership Gifts Committee and CEO of McLean-based J.E. Robert Companies. Mr. Goldberg is president of D.C.-based Stephen A. Goldberg Company and, with his wife Diana, a founder of the Children's Hospital Foundation, a major contributor to CNMC.

"Philanthropy is an investment -- an investment in a way of life, a future, and a cause," said Mrs. Goldberg. "There is no cause greater than the health of our children, and no hospital better positioned than Children's to hasten medical advancements to benefit children worldwide."

Funds raised by the campaign will help CNMC recruit additional world-class scientists to accelerate the discovery of medical advances, including new treatments and cures for complex diseases such as cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, and muscular dystrophy. Funds also will be used to bolster hospital-based surgical services, update medical technologies, and refurbish and expand facilities to accommodate CNMC's rapid growth.

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